A FOTF Guide for Judges & MCs

Dear Judges and Masters of Ceremonies,

Congratulations on being tasked with judging or MC’ing a Fashions on the Field (FOTF) event. FOTF is a cherished sport and hobby for thousands of women and men across Australia and the world and a wonderful addition to any racing focused event. FOTF is a highly lucrative sport with a multi million dollar industry of milliners, designers, boutiques and fashion stores dependant on it. These guidelines were developed to help you make a informed judging decisions that will see your choices respected amongst the community of entrants, associated industry and will see patrons return to your event time and time again.

L-R : Fellow FOTF Judge & Fashion Designer Kate Watts, Media Personality Jo-Beth Taylor, Entrant Meisha Warren and FOTF Judge & Blogger Bethany Brajkovich – Crown Perth Melbourne Cup 2020

Who can enter

FOTF is a inclusive sport for everyone. FOTF is about interpretation of racewear, personality, stage presence, grooming and deportment. Entrants need to carry themselves with confidence and grace. FOTF, however, is not a beauty contest even though many beautiful women and handsome men do enter. While there are always those who join our sport for a laugh, and we encourage everyone to participate and give it a shot, please respect our community by awarding sashes to those who abide by the following points outlining what constitutes as racewear. This outline is followed closely by FOTF competitions locally, nationally and internationally.

What is racewear?

Racewear is a specific fashion niche: These points must be adhered to: 

  • Dress, outfit, blouse or skirt must be modest. Mini to maxi lengths are acceptable.
  • No excess skin to be shown – this includes the lining of the dress, skirt, top, pants or blouse. Plunging necklines must be tasteful. Off the shoulder outfits are to be judged on the weather/event.
  • What is trending on the high-street might not be the same as racewear styles for FOTF. Please be on-top of racewear trends by browsing fashions on the field dedicated social media such as @best_dressed_access @ItsAllAbouttheSash @MilanoImai which are run by FOTF judges and winners continually for many years.
  • Quality millinery is a must. Millinery must complement the entire look and be made of the appropriate materials for the season. Professional milliners train for years in their craft and command respect and admiration of FOTF entrants and designers alike (further information on millinery is offered in the proceeding section).
  • Accessories and attention to all detail is hugely important. From millinery to heel shape and the details on the clutch, every aspect must be accounted for.
  • Style and originality must be rewarded. Style and originality is unique to the individual. If you are judging FOTF you should be knowledgeable in FOTF and know if a outfit is styled and original to the individual wearing it. Style and originality does not mean home made (though it can) it is about how entrants create a cohesive outfit unique to them and them alone.
  • It is important that judges and MC’s also show their awareness of these points by also abiding by them. Your dress sense, grooming and deportment set the tone of the event and entrants will look to you for reassurance that the event is of high quality and standard rather than a local favourites or the most attractive person being sashed the winner.
Classic Racewear worn here by myself 2020

Racewear Styles

Classic racewear includes full skirts, suits and blouses and hollywood glamour styles. Accessories are classic in shape and style also. Please see my image above wearing classic racewear.

Modern/Contemporary racewear follows the silhouettes of current trends in 2021. Modern racewear accessories also need to be included. In 2021 trends include 1970s, 1960s inspiration, pastels, neons and everything in between. Embriodery, cut outs, midi or mini, sculptural ascpects from millinery to shoes, quality over fast fashion.

Costume racewear which is a dramatic interpretation of racewear (not dressing up in a awful neon suit).

Brittany Tamou centre is in costume racewear perfection

Brittany Tamou (centre) is in costume racewear perfection

Dressing for the Season

Please ensure participants are given ample notice on whether they are to dress for the weather, the season or a combination of both. Participants will work with milliners and dress makers for weeks if not months in advance to ensure they have the best shot to win FOTF and need notice to put their outfits together.

There are strict guidelines as to what should be worn in what season. Generally in SS we wear light fabrics which such as silks, cotton, lace and in AW we wear heavier fabrics like wool, heavy lace, and velvet.

Shoe choices are also influenced by the season. While closed toe can be acceptable all year round, open toe shoes are strictly for spring and summer

Beautiful winter racing styles on display here
Beautiful winter racing styles on display here


Millinery is the term used to describe womens headwear. Styles include hats such at boaters, broad brim, fedoras, bretons; caps, beret’s, face huggers, bows, padded and blocked headbands, donuts, fascinators, half hats, dior brims, pill box, sailor hats, turbans, top hats.

Millinery is also categorised by season and split into three groups;
AUTUMN/WINTER – Felt, fur and heavy fabrics are suitable for cooler weather.
SUMMER/SPRING – Straw, sinamay and light fabrics are suitable for warmer weather.
TRANS-SEASONAL – Leather, lace and some fabrics such as raw silk can be worn in any climate.
*Courtesy of Racewear Carousel

Me wearing my Holly Barker Turban with disc in 2017

About your competitors

FOTF is hugely popular and thanks to social media it’s popularity continues to rise. Instagram accounts such as @best_dressed_access, @Itsallaboutthesash and @MilanoImai have a huge following both in Australia and internationally. FOTF is not just a side event at the races, it is the only reason many entrants attend the races and with them, they influx huge revenue into the track by purchasing tickets to marquees, drinks, bringing their friends along too. Affiliated businesses also profit and the track itself also benefit through free promotions on entrants social media accounts. Entrants spend months planning their outfits from choosing fabrics, designing their outfits either alone or by employing fashion designers and milliners.

Large groups of competitors will come to the track to socialise in this lucrative sport

Large groups of competitors will come to the track to socialise in this lucrative sport


FOTF outfits tell a story. They reflect each competitors unique style and taste. I cannot stress how important a MC’s role is when commenting on a entrants outfits while they are on and off the catwalk. MC’s should have vast knowledge of current, recent and historical race wear including millinery so they can articulate the entrants style competently for the crowd and judges. At no stage should a MC voice their personal opinions on who they think should win the event. The entrant has not only invested time and money into their outfit but it takes courage to get up on a catwalk infront of the public. Additionally, entrants are most likely also wearing a local milliners design or a local fashion designer both trades rely on these moments for the promotion of their business. Please be respectful of these points while commenting on entrants outfits as your comments may influence the judges decision.

Thank you for reading these guidelines. Your contribution to our sport makes the difference between entrants returning to your track and event year after year. The FOTF community appreciate you taking this as seriously as we do.

Bethany Brajkovich 2020 Finalist Outfit.

First Publish 18 APRIL 2018
Updated 18 January 2021

Racewear Styles for Fashions on the Field

Dee Price in classic racewear

Classic racewear includes full skirts, suits and blouses and hollywood glamour styles. Accessories are classic in shape and style also. Please see my image above wearing classic racewear.

Christy Poulson in Modern/Contemporary racewear

Modern/Contemporary racewear follows the silhouettes of current trends in 2021. Modern racewear accessories also need to be included. In 2021 trends include; 1970s, 1960s inspiration, pastels, neons and everything in between. Embriodery, cut outs, midi or mini, sculptural ascpects from millinery to shoes, quality over fast fashion.

Sarah Rose in Costume racewear

Costume racewear which is a dramatic interpretation of racewear. It more haute couture than something you would find at your local shopping centre. And it is a whole lot of fun!

When selecting your outfit keep in mind which season you are dressing for and have fun! FOTF is about experimenting with your own style and showing off your unique taste through fashion.Love BethyB
September 2021

All pics used with permission

Diary of a FOTF Addict – FAQ – Winter 2021

Howdy queens how are we? Around this time of year things start to get excited, if you are like me you are thick into spring racing outfit planning, creating and execution. Maybe you are already done! Are you? I’m almost there. I kind of live for FOTF. It’s me time, fun time, fashion time, therapy – its well everything! But around this time of year I start being asked all kinds of questions so I thought i’d compile some of them here incase you are in the same situation. And if you have a burning question feel free to send it through DM’s on my insty Best_Dressed_Access and i’ll do my best to help you out. And note I am by no means an expert, just a die hard of this sport we call Fashions on the Field. So lets get to it:


Q) My question is Ladies Day is here and I was thinking if I can wear the same dress or not ? I love them and they cost me lots of money . I feel that dress should be worn again. Do you think it’s odd wear the same one ? I have 2 different dresses that I can wear but might not place in them.

A) I always say ‘If its nice wear it twice, thrice or as many damn times you want to!!!!!!’ Lets face it sometime we go a bit overboard with spending (I do not encourage this, just being honest) on our racewear because heck its pretty, its fun, it makes us feel and look fabulous!!!! So babe if you need any justification at all in wearing something more than once, I’m your girl!!!! Not only is wearing a garment more than once good for your bank, its good for the planet too! Another option that I regularly do is sell my preloved FOTF pieces on the Facebook group Millinery & Racewear Australia. That way I can get some of my money back and invest it into my next outfit.

I loved this outfit so much I wore it the very next week to enter Myer FOTF

Q) Hey Beth can I ask you a quick FOTF rentals question please? I rented my hat for a week. 13th to the 20th. Ideally the customer would put it in the post on or before the 20th. Even a few days later I don’t really mind. But this customer has been holding onto my hat without even posting it for over 2 weeks. Should I charge the $10/day late fee?

A) Okay so I’ve been burnt with renting out my millinery but I have had plenty of good experiences too. What I would say is any kind of renting/lending out racewear (or anything) comes with risk. Unfortunately not everyone will treat your items with the same respect that you would expect. And that comes with time expectations too. Firstly, read the websites T&C’s and see what they advise you to do in this situation. Secondly, contact the renter and ask them what is going on with the return. Thirdly, before entering any contract with someone make your expectations really clear, for example: ‘Before I put my hat in the post, I want to clarify that on returning the item will you please ensure the hat is in perfect condition and send it back on the 20th and send me the tracking details?” That way you have already opened up the follow up question if this shouldnt happen.

One of my hats that i’d rent out

Q) I was so lucky to win Best Millinery and runner up lady of the day! Unfortunately I still haven’t received my prize of $400 cash (that would be transferred into my account). I have spoken to the judges and they’ve said to keep emailing the sponsor which I have been…I still haven’t received it.

A) Urgh this isn’t good and it’s unfortunate that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this happening but most sponsors are amazing. Ok so when this happens go straight to the club that hosted the event. They’ve engaged the sponsors and created the entire event so they are best placed to handle the situation. The judges of FOTF are 99% of the time only involved in judging the actual entrants on the day and not liaison with sponsors or management of the event. Go to the club, they will sort it out. On this topic. We can be so quick to anger when something goes wrong. But when it goes right, why not tag the sponsors in your insty stories & grids and thank them for their generosity.

The 2019 WA State Finals – we tagged the hell out of major sponsor Linneys Jewellers and those of us lucky enough to be awarded a prize continually did so.

Q) Do you have to spend a lot to win? It seems like only designer dresses win.

A) A B S O L U T E L Y NOT! I know some women who can wear regular store brands and make them look amazing! Then there are the women who wear vintage like its gucci. I’m not denying falling head over heels for those luxe looks but taking out the win is most certainly achieveable in high street/vintage/self made fashion. It would seem remiss for me not to mention designer rentals here. Please check the terms and conditions of the label before renting as some smaller boutique labels have T&Cs around hiring their items which can be detrimental to their business.

FOTF Label Only One Ashley which I’m wearing here is not able to be rented out.

If you have a question you’d like answered DM me on my insty @Best_Dressed_Access

If you want to be featured on @Best_Dressed_Access please take three pictures of your outfit in good lighting and DM them to my insty inbox xx

Love BethyB

Stories from the Field

We are a small but niche community of women and men around Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the USA (and more) who enter FOTF. After many years as an active entrant, judge, organiser and MC, I have come to know many of you personally and have always been struck by the sheer variety of reasons why people consider entering. I thought I’d share some stories here so we can get an understanding of how and why our sport is so important to us as individuals and as a community.

Creativity and individual style is a steadfast theme with entrants looking for outlets to express themselves. ‘I entered for the first time after breast cancer, having wanted something positive to focus on. Before I was a nurse, I was a graphic designer and was looking for a new ‘creative’ outlet; so I learned to sew!’ Paula Anne

Paula Ann

And sometimes we just want to be surrounded by beautiful fashion, styling and of course people! Natalie Larissa explains her participation in FOTF is based ‘Fun times with friends, a chance to compliment and admire beautiful people on their creativity and styling.’

Tina Wesley, Kristy Jackman & Natalie Larissa at the Northam Races 2019

For rural and remote communities race days and FOTF is an opportunity to support multiple businesses as well as a little glamour. Collie WA resident and 2019 WAFOTF finalist Teagan Rooney explains ‘Living in a small mining town we don’t have many opportunities to dress up so I love our local race day. I entered Fashions On The Field because firstly I’d gone to the effort to actually do my hair and apply make up (haha) and secondly I to support the local event organiser and businesses that put time and money into it.. ‘

Teagan Rooney at the Bunbury Cup March 2021

Covid closed the door for most entrants to attend and enter in person FOTF events. Many of us missed these social opportunities many of us sighed in relief when we were able to get back on track and return to our beloved hobby and sport. In Western Australia we were lucky that by October 2020 racecourses opened and the crowds reappeared. A poigniant moment in last years WA FOTF Finals Day was when Amy Evans led the finalists in a final parade around the catwalk, all state finalists, including myself, followed her lead. It was a defining moment which showed that FOTF had recalibrated to be more inclusive. Amy shares ‘I keep entering to prove that people with disabilities can be fashionable and should be included in the fashion industry.’ (Pictured below)

And of course most of us entrants love the bonus of gaining a lovely community to belong to Sarah Bohan from QLD shares ‘I love the whole process, (sic) I’ve met so many fabulous friends & it’s so nice to feel connected to the fotf community too.’ (Pictured below)

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us.

Love BethyB

What a week! Collie Cup

What a week, but actually what a year. This year has impacted everyone, everything, and FOTF is no exception. My first FOTF event this year was in Pinjarra at the start of February where I placed – absolutely no where haha!!! It happens! Then covid stuck and virtual FOTF that took over. Despite running an international competition, the two virtual FOTF competitions I entered, I came, again, absolutely no where! Sign. Fast forward to October and there was still no traditional catwalk FOTF competitions to enter and as I was judging at Northam I resigned myself to thinking well that’s 2020 written off.

Me playing FOTF barbies with my little girls at home – oh the joys of COVID

Saturday 17 October
My Rodan and Fields business was going really well and our team was treated to a night of celebrations at the Crown Towers in Perth. During our stay I started to wish I could get back on stage again for FOTF, and I wondered where I could go, what country town within driving distance could I get to for FOTF fix. A quick search of our facebook groups and I spotted Collie Cup. Only a 2 hour drive from Perth – easy. I decided to think about it for the rest of the weekend and speak with my hubby for clearance. Oh and I didn’t have anything to wear so it would need to be a rewear! Right. And it was the day before Northam Cup where I was judging again, ooo would def need to speak with hubby as i’d be out all weekend…. again.

At Northam Races with fellow Judge Elizabeth Winlo, Only One Ashley Designer Kate Watts and Best Dressed Lady Meisha Warren

Monday 19th October 2020
Yep, so hi, my names Beth and I am a shopping and FOTF styling addict with no self control and a short attention span. Cue retrying on all my Spring FOTF wardrobe that I held onto, and millinery and deciding on the millinery but not loving the outfits. I said to my 4 year old maybe we could go for a little shopping trip to spotlight to see if anything jumps out at me. I fell hard for a few different fabrics and despite saying I would rewear I found myself speed dialling Quyen Vu and begging her to make me a dress in a week, except I didn’t know what the dress looks like…… regardless she agreed and promptly told me my fabric choice was not special enough hahahaha I love her. So I tried again and somehow found myself digging under a pile of fabric when I spotted the crispest white and darkest violet abstract cherry blossom fabric I’ve ever seen. No question about it she was coming to me. I bought it immediately and went home to design. And rewore a Holly Barker Millinery Boater, found a pair of black tasseled heels and a Olga Berg Clutch that were in my wardrobe.

Me virtually lining up and cutting the pattern for the fabrics print
My original scetches and the prototype of the dress

After I came up with a pattern, sketched it out, vitually cut the fabric, Quyen did a mock up and then we came out with the design I loved. Off to Collie Race Course I went, on my own! I was a bit nervous heading to a country track alone but knew I’d know people there and I make friends pretty easily and like my own company and people watching, I felt more excited than anything. Sure enough once I arrived the locals were lovely and there were a few of the usual FOTF crowd there too.The heats were Best Dressed Lady under 35, Best Dressed Lady over 35, Best Dressed Lady of the Day, Best Dressed Gentleman and Best Dressed Teen and Junior. After a few heats I was luck enough to be crowned Best Dressed Lady over 35 and Best Dressed Lady of the Day. FINALLY I won a Best Dressed in 2020 and twice in one day woohoo!!! Which meant I could be selected to be a entrant into the West Australian Fashions on the Field 2020 State Finals.

My Collie Cup Best Dressed Lady Outfit

With Love
Bethany Brajkovich
October 2020

Diary of a FOTF addict – Spring 2020

In January, when I was getting ready for Pinjarra’s February Fiesta, I fell in love with the most beautiful floral fabric i’d seen in a long time. It had peach, yellow and orange tones gallore and I just knew she would be amazing in one of Kate’s (Only One Ashley) custom designs.

The love affair started while in Only One Ashley having this number made by the talented Kate Watts.

Fast forward to early Spring when Myer and Perth Racing announced their respective competitions I speed dialed Kate for a custom number in the fabric. I looked on pinterest for inspiration and went in to meet with Kate a few days later. Girlfriend read my mind and came up with the most dreamy, romantic dress ever.

Custom Only One Ashley

I added my late grandmothers vintage oroton bag to compliment the tones of the grown and a pair of vintage Dolche & Gabbana heels that complimented the colour palette perfectly

I topped the look off with a signature curved big brim from Stacey Hemera Roberts and well I felt rather special in it.

I accessorised with pearls and deconstructed some pearl jewellery to make a wired string for my hair, which my talented Rodan and Fields team mate Pearlin McCarthy wove into my hair, and of course she did my make up too.

FOTF calls for crafty personalisation

Before we knew it it was Crown Opening day at Perth’s Ascot Racecourse and we had a ball catching up with everyone, drinking champagne, fashion watching and of course looking at beautiful horse (and taking a million pics).

The fun bus is here toot toot

A special mention here to Amy Evans who won Perth Racings FOTF and Annabel who won Myer Fashions on your Front Lawn, well done beautiful ladies.

Amy Evans a winner in Black and white
Annabel Davy won Myer Fashions on your Front Lawn – stunning!

Love BethyB
October 2020

Diary of a FOTF Addict: Spring 2020

Ladies its happening, well online but Myer FOTF nonetheless and who is thrilled and excited? ME! Spring racing is here and pretty dresses, millinery, shoes, and bags are in stock! WOOHOO and #addtocart!

Image from Brisbane Racing Club

No sooner was Myer’s online FOTF event announced and I think some of our favourite online stores went into melt down and our credit cards alike! I don’t even want to admit what happened on a certain online shopping frenzy at my house but what I will confess is that my favourite shopping enabler was contacted for a justification of a certain fabulous dress that magically checked itself out!

Nearly bought this Borgo De Nor before falling head over heels with something else

Are you entering? how many times have we sent or been sent this question over the last few week? Absolutely we are and why wouldn’t we. For all of those still in lock down dressing up even at home is a welcome distraction, and for those of us heading to the track why not take a few snaps before hitting the track and enter into the online Myer competition?

Beck Maddocks in one of her Myer FOTF entries September 2020

You know what else is great? some entrants have reported watching FOTF at the track but not being prepared or confident enough to join in at track events, but virtual fotf (what geniuses came up with this idea hahaha) provides the perfect platform to expand and grow our community which is a wonderful outcome.

Melanie Wade in her stunning lilac millinery from Millinery By Mel

Here are a few tips to putting together an incredible outfit

  1. Use apps like Pic Collage and Canva to put together your look and see which items work and dont work together. Here is an example of one of my looks in pic collage
Covid hit so I never got to wear this beautiful look

2. Choose a colour scheme and style that works for you.

Pastels, tie die, brights and of course florals are currently trending, but just because they are on trend doesn’t mean you need to wear it. Wear what works for you. Trends come and go but style is timeless.

Race Analyst Allana Burns knows what dress cuts and millinery flatter her gorgeous figure and skin tone.

3. Practice Practice Practice

Whether you are entering a FOTF event in person or virtually you can ‘train’ for the event. Practice walking in those gorgeous heels that compliment your outfit so that you can walk with confidence, grace and steadily.

If its a virtual event practice posing for pictures. You can get inspiration from my instagram account @Best_Dressed_Access.

Sarah Holdsworthy looking PHENOMENAL in this self made outfit, and wow what a pose!!! So So beautiful Sarah!

4. Its all about the details.

Lastly don’t over look your accessories. They are crutial! As a judge it can be so hard choosing between entrants and sometimes it comes down to a clutch, pair of earrings or a unsightly anklet. Take your time to consider every single aspect of your outfit from head to toe, and pay attention to detail.

Got any questions? You can contact me through instagram @best_dressed_access


Bethy B
September 2020

Putting our best foot forward in times of uncertainty

Ok girls things are getting hectic! Covid has fired up again and some areas of Victoria are on a 6 week lock down – again!!! Way back in March 2020 Milano Imai, Viera Macikova and I ran Virtual FOTF for Australia and New Zealand residents and it went crazy! Bigger than we ever expected with over 18k worth of prizes donated and 378 entries over 4 weeks. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and at that time a novelty. I think at that point we were pretty optimistic that by Spring our competition would return to its former glory.

Virtual FOTF Week 1 finalists and Winner Khristina Vasko, 2nd Stacey Hemera Roberts and Kelly Carty

But today, hand on heart I can say I’m fairly sure that the Spring Carnival Myer Fashions On The Field is most likely not to go ahead. I have felt for a few years that the modernisation of this competition to virtual; even when huge FOTF dedicated community groups, like Its All About The Sash report (via survering our community directly) that we the FOTF community overwhelmingly prefer traditional catwalk based competitions was not a good sign.

Myer 2019 FOTF Winners

While some states are starting to open their tracks traditional catwalk competitions are still few and far between. As a FOTF blogger, judge and with previous experience working as a FOTF stylist and owner my own fashion store, I recieve a lot of messages from our community. There is a lot of frustration at the moment and I get it! I get it , I get it , I get it. But what I want you all to hear is this. If anything please use your frustration at the current situation to give back to this community where you can. A lot of work goes into coordinating and pulling together a Fashions On The Field event. If you feel you are knowledgable on millinery, styling, fabrics, fits, cuts, genres, accessories, body shapes, deportment, understanding originality and grooming by all means contact the clubs you love and volunteer to be on the judging panel, MC or with whatever they need to run a competition that is successful, free of bias and enjoyable for the entrants, sponsors, judges, race day attendees and the officials.

The Catwalk is so much fun, me in 2017

In addition to this, I get it, it can be disappointing to lose when you know how hard you’ve tried. I do not know one person who has won every single competition they have entered. But what I do know is, if you are true to your style, if you have tried your very hardest, you should be proud of yourself for investing in yourself, for being confident enough to put yourself out there and giving it a go. You know what that is my friends? thats living. You cannot win everything but you can have fun and be proud of the effort you have made. Another way to ease the blow is remembering what its like not to win and when you see another lady who looks fabulous please reach out to her and tell her, especially if she didn’t win. Celebrate others and others will celebrate you.

I felt like the best dressed version of me in this ‘losing’ outfit 🙂

Dinner and children are calling so I must run but I hope these words have provided you with some comfort.

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xox Love BethyB
July 2020

Diary of a FOTF Addict – WAFOTF Iso Heats – Peel Region

OMG who is over Covid already? ME! But I tell you what I thank my lucky stars WAFOTF decided to do Isolation rounds because, you guessed it, little old me had planned, booked and paid for the most incredible Autumn outfit and then the world crashed around us.

A match made in heaven FOTF and charity – yes yes yes

It’s actually the Wednesday before my photo day to capture my Iso FOTF look so here is what I’m doing to prepare:

I did a whole blog on this but I’m specifically searching for poses that will show the cut of my out off and my millinery and all the little details that I’ve agonised over for months to get just right. Pinterest is my absolute go to for pose inspiration I especially love vintage pictures as they usually include millinery which affects how you pose.

Vintage models knew what was up

Okay, so lets face it I’m in my late 30’s, ageing is creeping in and basic skincare just doesn’t cut the mustard. I need hydration to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, I need clear bright skin and I want to look younger. As a qualified beauty therapist and self confessed skincare junkie I’ve used EVERYTHING and I swear by Rodan and Fields! I love these products so much that I work as a skincare specialist with them. You can check out these dermatological grade products that are full of the best ingredients from nature and formulated by the best dermatologists in the world. You cannot get better skin care than this!

Me with our bubbling rejuvenation mask on that leaves your skin so so soft its not even funny!!!!

OMG its Wednesday, it was expressed on Monday and its not here #covidproblems but I do have a back up if worse comes to worse, sort of, not really, I will probably cry and have to reschedule as the purse that’s coming is SOOOO GOOD.

Its not this bag but OMG how STUNNING is this bag

So when you get things custom made you need to wait for them to be made by the creative geniuses who create them. And then you throw in me saying ‘hey could you change the beads on these earrings, could you make a belt for me’ which means I then need to find a vintage belt buckle – when every store is shut, turns out my Mums random hoarding is worth its weight in gold. Yep so it’s not a quick process at all and thank God my milliner is super talented and accommodates my crazy more is more attitude. Holly Barker I LOVE YOU!

A box of love from the amazing Holly Barker

Right let’s be real girls, my husband is not cut out for FOTF Iso photoshoots, nor is my three or five year old’s so ….. I booked a photographer, my gorgeous friend Lauren from Easome Images. Yes I am next level obsessed, hello so are you, you are reading Diary of a FOTF Addict :). But hell have you seen my friends? Hell, have you seen our friends? I am always blown away by the outfits that come out of our community the style, imagination and execution always leaves me in awe.

Lauren is such a beautiful woman inside and out and such a talented photographer

I cannot and I truly mean this deep from my bones, I CANNOT wait to wear millinery and racewear, beautiful day elegance, C A N N O T W A I T!! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits and I’m so excited yayayay!!! I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve come up with let the fashion party begin!

Ciao for now bella’s

May 2020

Can I enter? A tale of Winner’s guilt

WA is excited people. A few weeks ago our state FOTF competition announced it would open up ISO heats for our regions would be FOTF heats. WE ARE PUMPED. Hats are being finished, a million pairs of earrings are being purchased and the all important question do I do a tan nude or a blush nude heel with my outfit is being pondered (that’s me, I’m pondering that). But in my excitement one of my queens asked ‘do you think its been long enough, can i re-enter?’.

God they are beautiful and imagine what they would do for your leg game!!!! That’s a yes from me.

Yep okay, so lets back up. Now in WA and I’m not sure about other states but in our huge amazing state there is a unwritten but very much said rule; that if you win in a certain region, its a FOTF faux par to re-enter in that region the following year. Not saying it hasn’t been done because it has but it is said. There is also this type of camaraderie amongst the FOTF community regulars that everyone has their turn as best dressed. I remember winning my first best dressed and the girls were like woohoo yes its your turn! How great is that? Love these girls, and did I enter the following year? Absolutely not!

2018 Toodyay Races I was lucky enough to win Best Dressed Lady, I sat the following year out so I did not breach the do not enter the year after said rule.

BUT and this is a big BUT (not butt but they are good too as are small ones) would anyone have dared to say ‘lets not race Winx today another mare deserves a shot?’ HELL NO. Would anyone say hey Lucy Warrick ‘She’s has led too many winner lets let another jockey have a go’ HELL NO. So I say lets ditch this idea that if you win at a track you can’t reenter the following year. Our local competition and national competitions already disclaim that the over arching winners sit out the next year. That is all our amazing winners have to sit out on, if the club and comp says you can you most certainly can. It’s your hobby, its your passion, you are bloody good at it, you are spreading joy and you are inspiring others. So enjoy it, hold that millinery adorned head high and embrace your style because we love seeing with each other come up with.

I hang out with queens only!

Lots of Love

Bethy B
Best Dressed Access
May 2020

A guide to the ISO photo shoot (for non professionals, doing it on their phone, alone…k)

Hands up if you are entering or have already entered a ISO fashion comp and need to take some amazing photos of your lit outfit at home, alone? ME! But how do you do it and look really good and show that outfit off to its maximum potential.

Have fun
Firstly, you have to get into the spirit of the shoot to hit your best angles, so while you are getting ready, put on your favourite music and have some fun. The camera not only captures your outfit but it captures your mood so enjoy the process (Angles – cheekbones, physique, hair, makeup and millinery are looking FIERCE)

The right lighting is crucial!!!!!!!!! It can make or break your look. If you are submitting pictures to be judged (lets clarify here: any content you create will be judged) people need to be able to see what you are putting forward clearly. So ensure you are in good light which does not create unwanted shadows, shows the colour of your garments accurately and is flattering.
The photo below was taken on my front porch in full view of the street. As much as I wanted to hide inside on that particular day the lighting inside was too dark and didn’t show Holly Barkers incredible yellow millinery off to a high standard

Okay, so you are in the zone, you are looking around your house, neighbourhood etc for good lighting, now where exactly do you set up? I like to find spots with a simple and or attractive background that will allow my outfit to shine without distraction or one that will compliment my outfit.

A simple background that highlights the strapping in my blouse and classic black millinery from Holly Barker

The Set Up: D.I.Y Camera Tripods
I mean who really has a tripod at home? Not me. For the pic below I used a bar stool with a kids chair on top of it and a tissue box to get the camera stable and at the right height. I’ve also used rocks at the beach and furniture and random ppl walking past.

Me posing in front of my curtains in my dining room

Enlist the help of others!
If you are lucky enough to have people over the age of five available to help you ask them for help. But here is a tip, set everything up, the lighting, know your pose and have practiced before asking for help because unless its your best friend or someone who enjoys taking photos they are going to get bored super quick so make it easy for them to keep the peace. Below is a picture of my friend Jess who had her gorgeous eight year old Daughter take this photo of her for the @virtualFOTF competition that I ran with my friends Milano Imai and Viera from Get Racy last month.

Hit timer and multi shot
Your mobile should have options to take pictures after a certain amount of time allowing you to get into the position before it shoots and select multi shot so you can more around while shooting. Try looking up, then down, hands on hips and then one in a pocket and one down.

Here I am with my bestie, Meisha Warren. We balanced her phone on a table with a glass, set the timer and multi shot and had lots of fun showing off our outfits.

Get to know your face and body and what poses work for you and your outfit. Okay, I’m going to sound like a total freak but whatever here goes. If I see a good pose on Instagram I will practice it in the mirror to ensure i know exactly where to put my arms, legs and how to position my hat. The pose below I saw on so many Spanish fashion images so I practiced the pose before heading to the track and knew exactly how to place myself to get the best photo the quickest.

Follow the instructions
My final point is probably the most important. If the competition you are planning to enter has instructions about how to enter, for example, it asks that you write the date on a piece of paper and have it on the ground next to your feet; write the date on a piece of paper and have it on the ground next to your feet, not on your laptop, don’t photo shop it in, don’t date stamp it, just follow the instructions to the tee.

If you have any other hints of tips please let me know and I’ll share them here.

Best Dressed Access
May 2020

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